Module 0

How to Tune A Guitar

  • Poly-tuner or Snark
  • GuitarTuna app
  • Tuner/Apps only work if guitar is roughly out of tune or else we might need to listen to sound and tunes while replacing strings.
  • Learn how to use your ear to tune a guitar
  • Always use one-string at a time ! Look up Rest Stroking in Classical Guitar.

How to Hold Your Guitar

  • put the guitar on right leg as a beginner, experts use left leg to easy access to higher notes
  • use your right rest on the guitar, in case of electric guitar rest the wrist
  • guitar is held in place by right hand and leg and back straight
  • don’t lean over the guitar ! don’t look at strings.

Positive Finger Placement

  • first few weeks your finger will hurt
  • how much pressure applied on a portion of fret changes the sounds
  • to play a note more clearer keep fingers towards end of fret, requires less pressure/pain

Reading Guitar Boxes


  • Let’s take chord D for Example
    • Horizontal Lines : fret
    • Vertical Lines : Strings
    • Dark first Horizontal Line : Nut
    • 1, 2, 3 : which fingers where (T-thumb, 1-index, 2-driving, 3-ring, 4-pinky) [Note in piano : 1-thumb...]
    • X - won’t play that string
    • 0 - play that string openly

How to Hold Guitar Pick

  • using a pick is helpful while learning strumming pattern and song playing
  • use absolute thinnest pick

How to Strum Without Pick