Minetest Server

Minetest is an open source voxel game engine.It requires a game which utilises engine API to provide a gameplay.By default it ships with a devtest game which is mostly used for development puporses. A better playable game called as Minetest Game is also available.


Before creating a server there are some question that should be considered.

  • Cost of Server
  • Cost of Time
  • Dedication to fix server crashes
  • Updating mods and fixing mods
  • Managing Server
  • Staff for Server
  • Longevity of Server
Minimum Requirements

For a lightly modded server with decent traffic (10 users) a 2GB RAM/ 50GB Storage should be fine.

Hosting Solutions

There are few hosting providers in minetest community which provide very cheap hosting solution along with support for fixing the issues.

Minetest’s Forks & Games


Created by Maksym as an attempt to develop a “ready-made” game that has a nice interface and doesn’t require the player to have any development skills and just wants to play.

Most of famous servers currently run on multicraft because of availability of players and support for both 0.4 and 5.x clients. Most of mods may require little bit of tweaking for working with multicraft.

Mineclone 2 Game

Created by Wuzzy, as the name suggests game attempts to provide a gameplay similar to MineCraft. It has really come quite far and its very stable.

Final Minetest

Created by Robert Kiraly, provides improvements to original minetest game in terms of speed and completeness. It has been used as an education tool for school in Italy.

Some quite interesting feature offered are free hosting (limited), P2P server lists, 64x64 skins.

Alternate Free Hosting Solutions

  • Old personal computer as a server
  • Raspberry Pi